Dele Alli’s Estranged Parents In Legal Battle Over MK Dons Contract

Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli and his parents’ relationship has hit a new low. The England international’s parents, Denise and Kehinde, had accused of the 20-year-old of distancing himself from them without giving any reason.

Kehinde and Denise
Kehinde and Denise

His parents, in an interview with, had said the star’s shocking hatred for them is unexplainable as they had been there for him all through childhood. Kehinde, who is a successful entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry, said he had taken his son along with him when he moved to Nigeria and the United States. He was allowed to return to the United Kingdom to develop his football skills.

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His mother said he had been training with MK Dons five times every week and had to stay at a friend’s house for his convenience. Dele began seeing his mother only on weekends and had signed his contract at MK Dons without informing neither of them.

Dele and Denise are now pursuing legal action because neither of them had signed his first professional forms with MK Dons as stipulated by law. The forms were signed by Alan and Sally Hickford, parents of the friend and co-academy player, he had stayed with during his time at MK Dons.

Some reports have suggested Alli did not totally ignore his parents as he sends them money from time to time.

Ademola Aderele

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