Photos: Mercedes Benz’s N205m World’s Most Expensive SUV

MMB8 German carmaker, Mercedes Benz has unveiled a new Maybach SUV which will cost $500,000 (N205 million). The automobile manufacturers said only 99 units of the vehicle will be made and available in the market from September.

The car is fitted with a retractable roof and a V12 engine with high tech amenities such as thermal cup holders and folding tables in the middle console. MMB7

The vehicle, called the Mercedes-Maybach G-Class 650, was unveiled at the Geneva auto show.

The $500,000 SUV is Dailmer AG’s latest newcomer of its luxurious line, Maybach Marque, which was first released to meet the demand of higher-end models, reported Bloomberg Pursuits.

MMB5It boasts a V12 engine and a landaulet style – there is also a fabric roof that can be transformed into a convertible top. The vehicle stretches 17 feet long (5,345 millimeters), has a wheelbase of 11 feet (3,428 millimeters) and stands about seven feet tall (2,235 millimeters).

Although the Maybach seats four passengers comfortably, those sitting in the back receive the best treatment – they have access to the retractable roof. Riders simply press a button and the large folding top opens electrically to offer a view of the blue sky.MMB3

There is also a feature that electrically operates glass partition separates the rear compartment from the driver’s section. And the glass can be changed from transparent to opaque at the press of a button.

There is also a large business console that houses folding tables and thermal cup holders between the seats.

The vehicle includes control for the rear air conditioning and two 25.4 cm (10 inch) high-resolution media displays.

See more pictures below:


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