Residents Find Man Dead Inside Gutter

Residents of Arepo in Ogun state, on Saturday, found a man dead in a drainage. The corpse, which had stab wounds, was that of 32-year-old driver, Kehinde Joseph, the PUNCH said. Witnesses said the dead Joseph was shirtless at the time found. ‘He had left for work on Friday morning, but his telephone line became unreachable in the evening’, said Kemi, his wife. The couple had been married for four years, had a daughter between them and Kemi currently carrying a three-month pregnancy.

“He normally drove the boss to work on the Lagos Island every day. On Friday, after we spoke in the morning, he was not reachable in the evening. It was on Saturday that a motorcyclist, who lives in our neighbourhood, called to tell me that my husband’s corpse was seen in the gutter.

“He was stabbed by the side and his shirt was taken away. There was no blood in the gutter and from what I saw, his underwear was pulled up before he was stabbed. There were little bloodstains on his singlet.

“His boss told us that after they closed from work on Friday, he drove her to Ikeja. She said she gave him transport fare back home, while she went for a vigil. She said she heard the news of the death like everybody else,” Kemi said. The distraught wife asked for help from public-spirited Nigerians.

The late Joseph’s family believed his boss might have a hand in his death.

Darasimi Joseph, the deceased’s brother said, “I believe there is something fishy about the death and only God knows it. Someone dropped his boss by 8pm and the next morning, we saw the corpse in the gutter. I believe everything that is going on will be uncovered in a matter of time.”

In response to PUNCH’s inquiry, the boss allegedly said: “I think if the family is alleging anything, you should find out from them what the secret is. If they gave you all the information; for instance, why the corpse was dumped in Arepo where he lived, you should also find out from them. I am not obliged to speak with you. If you want information, you should speak with those that gave you information.”

Also, Abimbola Oyeyemi, Ogun State police public relations officer, said the police

“need to confirm if he was killed by somebody or not”.

“We are investigating,” Oyeyemi stated.

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