See Why Catholic Priest Supports Rape Of Women


A Catholic priest has said women who wear jeans and dress provocatively ought to “tied down to the depths of the sea”. Also, the priest was reportedly heard in a video justifying the rape of a lady by his brother for wearing “revealing shorts and t-shirts”.

Excerpt from the priest’s speech delivered at a Christian convention was taken from a video posted to the internet 11 months ago.

“After I lecture young men on the ways of God, they come to me later and tell me”, said the priest, known as  Father Shalom.

"Father, after absorbing all the knowledge you give us, we exit and are exposed to semi-naked women. We’re involuntarily provoked and aroused.

“When a father or a young man has come to the church to offer themselves to the God, if you’re standing beside him, having dressed provocatively enough to distract him, you’re a sinner, and you deserve to be tied down to the depths of the sea.

He goes on to talk about how he was visited by a man who had “got his elder sister pregnant' for counselling.

He says: 'When I asked him why he had committed the sin, he shared his sorrow with me.

“He told me when their parents left for work, it was just his sister and him alone at home. All he could see was her roaming around in her revealing shorts and tee.

“If you are someone who provokes their own brother and family, my Lord won’t accept you if you come to the church.”


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