Kaduna Enacts Law On Compulsory Premarital Medical Test

Kaduna State House of Assembly, Thursday, enacted a Pre-medical Examination Law, which makes premarital tests compulsory for intending couples.  The law compels aspiring couples to undergo medical test to determine their health status and compatibility before marriage.

The Deputy Speaker, John Kwaturu, who presided over the assembly, said the law was necessary to protect couples from avoidable diseases.

Also, the new law imposes a fine of N100,000 or a six months imprisonment on individuals that fail to comply.

“No person shall formalize any marriage contract for any person wishing to marry without medical certificate issued by a qualified medical doctor in respect of both parties,” a part of the law stated.

Kwaturu said that the first test would be conducted three months before marriage and the second screening two weeks to wedding.

The deputy speaker explained that the law also provides that the medical examination would be conducted simultaneously by both parties in approved health facility.

The Chairman, House Committee on Information, Nuhu Shadalafiya, after the sitting urged relevant government agencies to  sensitize the people and create awareness on provisions of the law.

“Government should ensure serious mobilization before the law takes effect using radio television and the social media.

“It must ensure that the message is circulated in Churches and Mosques, and at ceremonies so that it gets to the grassroots.

“This is important, so that when one is caught contravening the law, there will be no excuse”, he said.



  • Bola Kougbe






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