Osun Threatens To Shut Companies Over Unpaid Tax

Osun State Board of Internal Revenue Service, OSIRS, has threatened to shut down companies which failed to remit their taxes and other levies to it.

OSIRS Chairman, Bicci Alli, told  Punch in an interview on Wednesday, adding the state was being owed over N30 billion by defaulting firms.

“We are being owed over N30bn now but we have sent letters to the companies and organizations owing us that we will start closing them down beginning from next week. We have given them ultimatum.

“We are working with the judiciary to get the warrant to shut them; and after closing them down, we won’t open them until they pay up. We will not do anything illegal but we will not allow those who have refused to pay to continue doing business.

“They have taken Osun State for a fool for long and they think we are not serious, but we will show them that we are serious. Some of what we are being owed are deductions from their staff, which they have not remitted.

“Those owing us cut across every sector – banks, telecommunication companies, hospitals, schools and so on. They cannot try this in other states but they are trying it here”.

The chairman said the agency had begun sensitizing the people  about paying their tax, which would enable the government to provide infrastructure  for people.


  • Bola Kougbe
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