You Must Wear ‘Made-In-Calabar’ Clothes, Ayade Tells Officials


Ben Ayade, Cross River State Governor, Thursday ordered political appointees to patronize clothes made in the Calabar Garment Factory.

The governor spoke shortly after being presented with samples of finished products from the factory alongside some paramilitary outfits. He said he was determined to boost its patronage and make the factory economically viable.

“The garment factory today is a reality and it’s now producing in commercial quantities for export too.

“Henceforth, starting from today, all executive members, all appointees must be in clothes made from Calabar Garment Factory and this is official. By the close of next month, anything I put on my body will be made from the Cross River Garment Factory.

“That is my sincere commitment to the state and for the 3,000 young people working in the factory”, Ayade said.


  • Bola Kougbe



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