Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani Wins Second Term

Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s reformist President,  has won a second term of office in a keenly contested poll. Official results show Rouhani leading his biggest challenger, Ebrahim Raisi, with a wide margin.  With nearly 40 million votes in counted as at Friday,  Rouhani is reported to have 56.88 percent while Raisi trails behind him with 38.55 percent of the vote. Others candidates in the poll are Mostafa Mirsalim, a conservative, who got 1.13 percent, and Mostafa Hashemitaba grabbing a paltry 0.52 percent.

Rouhani is believed to have been favoured in the poll due to his effort at reducing the Arab’s country isolation with the West.  He succeeded in brokering a deal with the Western power, which was hinged on Iran scaling down its nuclear programme.

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