Law Student Cuts Off Rapist’s Penis

An Indian law student on Friday cut off a man’s manhood for allegedly attempting to rape her at her house.

The police said the 23-year-old lady said she was at her residence in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram when she was attacked by the 54-year-old man who had claimed to her family to be a religious guru.

 “She used a knife in her defense and cut off his penis,” district police chief G Sparjan Kumar told AFP by phone.
 “The man, Hari Swami, was rushed to the nearby government hospital in a serious state,” he added.
Police said the girl’s parents, who live at the same house, were unaware of the assaults by Swami. “The woman told us that her parents blindly trusted this Swami, and he used to get frequent invites to perform special ceremonies and stay over at their house, where he assaulted her,” Kumar told.
By Tony Nwanne
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