Man Caught Stealing Aboard Arik Air


A man alongside his accomplices was Friday caught on an Arik Air flight after stealing money from  a passenger on board.

A member of the crew said one of the suspects had a black briefcase with which he kept the stolen money. He said the suspect and two other men came as a group but sat at different locations on the plane.

“My crew didn’t say anything until the man picked the money and put it in his bag and changed the location of the bag.

“He went to the back, opened it, picked up the money and kept it in his own bag, then sat down.

“I was surprised when he denied ownership of the (now) empty bag. When we opened the bag, the only thing inside was a pair of slippers”, the source said.

However, two envelopes filled with money and some scattered cash of about N100,000 was found in the bag after a thorough search.

The source said the airline had experienced such incident in the past adding that the suspects had been handed over to the Police.


  • Bola Kougbe
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