Man Stabs Two Prostitutes For Having HIV

An unnamed man is currently facing punishment for stabbing two prostitutes, who were said to be HIV positive.  The man had taken the two women to his apartment where the incident happened.

The women, who were wounded in their faces, necks and shoulders, were found in pool of blood by some police officers.  They were taken to the hospital for medical treatment while the attacker was arrested.

One of the women, a 30-year-old Bangladeshi, gave an account of what transpired in the man’s flat.

“He first stabbed me in the head, then face, neck, shoulder and chest. At that point I just fell and saw as he walked towards my friend,” she said. The other prostitute was an Indonesian national.

The attacker was arraigned before the court, where he testified to have been influenced to carry out the attack.

“I was forced to attack them,” said the 22-year-old attacker. The man was sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Dubai Criminal Court, where the incident occurred.

Effort by prosecutors to get the court to impose a harsher sentence failed at the Appeal Court.  Rather than upturn the earlier sentence to do as the prosecutors had wanted, the appellate court upheld the sentence.

The convict, an Afghan national, will be deported from Dubai at the end of his jail term.

Source: Emirate 24/7


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