South Africa Gripped With Gruesome Murders Of 4 Women

South Africa is gripped by the gruesome murders of four women, whose corpses were discovered at the weekend. Three of the bodies were recovered in an area in Soweto, and for which three men were arrested. The suspects are expected to be arraigned at the Protea Magistrate’s Court on Thursday. The police said the ugly murders appeared to be the trend in the country’s township. Deliwe de Lange, Lieutenant General and Gauteng Provincial Commissioner, said he believes “more suspects were involved” in the killings.

Two of the victims

Moreover, a crack police team investigating the murders said “two of the victims are suspected to have been friends from KwaZulu-Natal and they might have been attacked by the same people before their bodies were dumped in different locations.”

A third body, which was found burnt, had not yet been identified. A fourth body was discovered in the same area as the third one on Sunday. The woman, believed to be a lesbian, had rocks covering her face and her jeans and underwear had been pulled to her ankles.

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