Sweden Drops Rape Inquiry Into WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

Sweden has indicated it would drop rape investigation into Julian Assange, the WikiLeak founder holed up in Ecuadorean Embassy in London since five years ago. Sweden is frustrated Ecuador wouldn’t cooperate with it in ensuring Assange face charges. It decided to drop the charges as the deadline ordered by a court-ordered for prosecutors to respond on the case lapsed on Friday.

Marianne Ny, the chief prosecutor in Sweden, made clear that the authorities were not pronouncing Assange innocent.

“I can conclude, based on the evidence, that probable cause for this crime still exists,” she said at a news conference on Friday.

Ny said that proceeding with the case would require Mr. Assange to be served notice of the charges against him and for him to be present in a Swedish court, both of which were impossible.

Assange gained notoriety following his leaks of classified and embarrassing documents on countries. Although, Sweden dropping the probe is a victory for the 45-year-old Australian (Assange), but his ordeal is far from over. Assange’s leaks embarrassed the Obama administration, which jailed, but now freed, a US soldier, Chelsea Manning, for leaking official document to WikiLeak.

Moreover, Assange still faces a warrant of arrest issued by Britain for failing to appear in court. As news of his absolution by Sweden spread Friday, Britain’s Metropolitan Police restated their resolve to arrest him.

Adefola Ademosu

Source: New York Times

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