Woman Beaten To Death In Benin City

A woman has reportedly lost her life following a quarrel with her lover, identified only as Anthony. The woman has not been named. She was said to have visited Anthony, a driver, living at 17b Akugbe Road, off TV Road, Benin city in Edo state.

A misunderstanding between them over the night has been linked to her death.

Seeing what had happened, Anthony dumped her corpse in a bathroom, where some neighbours found her around 4 am. By the time, Anthony had taken to his heels. The police at Textile Mill Road were alerted, and they visited the scene to evacuate the corpse. The residents, like Anthony, fled to house to avoid police harassment over the murder.

Anthony was only lucky for less than 24 hours, as he arrested by soldiers acting on a tip-off. The soldiers had got wind Anthony was hiding in a compound, and decided to storm there.

‘He was found in a room where he hid around 3pm on Saturday’, the Vanguard reported.

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