Tennis Legend, Boris Becker Loses £100m Nigerian Investment

Tennis legend Boris Becker has lost £100million in bogus investment in Nigeria oil firms.

Daily Mail, citing documents from ‘Football Leaks’, said Becker struck the deal in 2013, causing him to go bankrupt. According to report, Becker’s Nigerian employee and a Canadian firm brokered the deal in July 2013. The tennis legend held shares in an unnamed oil firm in Nigeria until the company failed, leading Becker to lose his investment. Becker’s lawyer, John Briggs, was quoted as telling a London court that ‘he (Becker) is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances.’

The 49-year-old Becker is also owing London-based private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co since 2015 while his remaining assets will be disposed of to pay creditors.

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