Amaechi Sacks Rail Station Workers Over Ticket Fraud

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, on Friday, has ordered the removal of station managers, porters, and ticket officials at Idu and Rigasa rail over alleged ticket racketeering.

He gave the order while inspecting the Abuja-Kaduna rail stations in Abuja.

The former governor said the decision was necessary following passengers complains of racketeering of VIP tickets at the stations.

According to the minister, “I am removing the station managers in Idu and Rigasa, the porters and ticket officials will be removed let’s see if it will resolve the complaints of passengers using the rail.

“Some of them have complained on social media, I believe that if any system fails, it is because the leaders allow it to fail and I will not allow that.

He also frowned at how poorly the rail facilities had been maintained, adding that the station’s premises were untidy.

“The money we are spending monthly, is it just for diesel alone? Is it for general maintenance of all the stations and the environment, we will fix the lift within one week to ensure that passengers use it for their luggage,’’ he said.

He opined that removing all the officials would put a check to fraudulent activities in the stations.

Paschal Nnorli, Manager of the Abuja-Kaduna Train Service, said that he had to disguise as a passenger to be able to confirm the complaints by passengers.

Nnorli said one of the portal boys was caught in the act.

The 11 ticket officials affected at the two stations are to be replaced, while the minister also scrapped the use of porters for carrying luggage.

By Bright Bassey

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