Kenyan Police Kill 11 Protesters In Post-Election Violence

Kenyan police have killed at least 11 people protesting the outcomes of the presidential election, which handed sitting President Uhuru Kenyatta a second term of office.

The protesters were killed in the western city of Kisumu and slums surrounding the capital, Reuters quoted officials as saying. One of the officials told the news agency that nine corpses of young men the police shot dead overnight in Nairobi’s Mathare slum were brought to the city morgue. However, a security official said the killing occurred during a police anti-looting operation.

Separately, a young girl in Mathare was killed by police firing “sporadic shots”, a witness said.

The run-down neighbourhood is loyal to 72-year-old opposition leader Raila Odinga, whose party rejected Tuesday’s vote as a “charade”.

Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i said the trouble was localised and blamed it on “criminal elements” rather than legitimate political protest.

“Let us be honest – there are no demonstrations happening,” he told reporters.

“Individuals or gangs that are looting shops, that want to endanger lives, that are breaking into people’s businesses – those are not demonstrators. They are criminals, and we expect police to deal with criminals how criminals should be dealt with,” the minister said

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