There Was Laxity In Corruption Fight During My Administration – Jonathan Admits

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has admitted there were “loopholes” that made corruption thrive during his administration. Jonathan spoke at the PDP non-elective convention held at the Eagle Square in Abuja on Saturday.

“Though we didn’t completely plug the loopholes in the fight against corruption, but we did well”, Jonathan said.

He also rebutted the insinuation that Nigeria would have collapse, if he had won a second term and had run the country the manner he earlier did.

“I learnt that some people said that if the PDP had remained in power beyond 2015, the economy would have been worse. This couldn’t have been the case, because we had a sound economic team in place”, he stated.

Jonathan spoke further: “Let us not forget that the great floods of 2012 were a major calamity that damaged homes and farmlands on the plains of River Niger and Benue.

“But despite the devastating effects of this natural disaster, there were no food shortages or arbitrary increase in prices, because of what we were able to accomplish with our agriculture transformation agenda, which considerably boosted food production.

“If we say that we rekindled hope in our people and regained international goodwill, it is because we pursued a number of policies and programmes that were not only richly rewarding for our people, but were also being copied by many countries across the globe, a few of which I will mention here.”

Jonathan said his government provided good leadership through institutional and sectoral reforms, which he said impacted positively on the fundamentals for growth, especially in the last four years of his time in power.

The former president was optimistic the PDP would regain power in 2019 and pleaded with party members to close ranks and remain committed.

“The PDP is indeed back to reclaim its prime position as the party to lead Nigeria to greatness. As a human institution we cannot claim perfection, but obviously as a political party, our accomplishments as of 2015 far outweigh our shortfalls,” he said.

Jonathan added, “Nobody should intimidate the PDP. I believe in the PDP; even God Himself believes in the PDP. Today is August 12, look at the weather.

“God wants us to celebrate in the PDP, that’s why there is no rain. We are ready to take over the state houses of assembly, the National Assembly, the states as governors and the Presidency.”

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