Merkel Opposes Military Action Against North Korea

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, on Friday said she opposed the use of force to resolve the conflict with North Korea. President Donald Trump had said the US military was “locked and loaded”, indicating his readiness for war.

“I don’t envision a military solution to this conflict but rather consistent work as we’ve observed at the United Nations Security Council,” Merkel told reporters.

“Germany will very intensively take part in the options for resolution that are not military but I consider a verbal escalation to be the wrong response,” she said when asked about Trump’s latest tweets on North Korea.

Merkel called for “very close cooperation” to defuse tensions in the region “particularly by the United States and China but also South Korea and Japan”.

The German government had earlier this week urged both Washington and the nuclear-armed regime in Pyongyang to show “restraint” after they lobbed apocalyptic threats at each other in a mounting war of words.





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