Anambra Man Hangs, Kills Boy For Stealing

A man, Ifeanyi Okpoko, has allegedly hanged a 16-year-old boy, Chidera Ezeanya over alleged theft. Okpoko claimed he caught Chidera stealing from his house at about 2am, and that he escaped by jumping over the fence. Okpoko further said he went to drag Chidera from his house to his own, and after which he tied him to a manual crane.

It is believed Chidera died while being punished by Okpoko. Okpoko decided to dump the boy’s corpse in a mortuary without informing his parents.

However, another account claimed the boy was playing with his friends, when Okpoko called and sent him on an errand. It was also said that Chidera’s parents became worried when he didn’t return home in the evening. While searching for their son, the parents reportedly found his lifeless body tied up to a crane in Okpoko’s compound.

A source said, “As soon as the parents raised the alarm, which attracted sympathisers, Okpoko quickly untied the corpse, put it into his car and made straight for the hospital morgue where he deposited the corpse.”

Mark Ijarafu, Divisional Police Officer, Ogidi, Idemili North Local Government Area of the state, confirmed the incident.

He told journalists that the mortuary attendants committed an offence by accepting Ezeanya’s corpse.

“The suspect even deposited the corpse at the morgue without first reporting to the police. The mortuary attendants have a case to answer,” he said.

He added that investigation had commenced into the matter.


Bola Kougbe

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