Chinese Museum Compares Africans To Animals

A state museum in central China has caused an outcry after setting up an exhibition which shows African people in comparison to wild animals.

The hugely popular ‘This is Africa’ exhibition is being shown in the Hubei Provincial Museum Wuhan, which mainly displays significant relics of historical importance.

The controversy began after one visitor, Edward Duke, posted on Instagram earlier this week a video he recorded while visiting the museum. The user claimed he is Nigerian.

Duke wrote: ‘The Hubei Provincial Museum put pictures of a particular race next to wild animals why?’ Are they the only race to have impoverished looking?’

The video shows the gallery had photos of wild animals, framed alongside those of black-skinned people.

Although the museum has removed photographs, including one showing an open-mouthed African child alongside a monkey in the same pose, after social media outrage.

A photo of a lion which appeared to be roaring in the photo was framed alongside the photo of a man with a similar expression.

Another photo shows a chimpanzee with its mouth opened wide and framed alongside a child who appears to have a similar expression.

Many comments on the visitor’s post condemned the racist nature of the exhibition although the post has now been taken down from Instagram.

However, it has been re-uploaded on other social media sites including Youtube and Chinese site Weibo.

Following the complaints, a dozen offending works were removed from the exhibition called “This is Africa”, which has been showing for three weeks at the Hubei Provincial Museum, in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

“To show our goodwill and sincerity, we have replaced the photos that our African friends find shocking,” curator Wang Yuejun told AFP.

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