Kwara State Gov Reshuffles Cabinet

Abdulfatah Ahmed, governor of Kwara state has carried out a minor cabinet reshuffle.

The cabinet reshuffle affected four commissioners and is aimed at giving governance in the state a boost, a statement by the Secretary to the Kwara State Governor, Isiaka Sola Gold said.

According to the statement, Ahmed moved Idris Garba from the ministry of energy to the ministry of industry and solid mineral resources, while Fumilayo Isiaka Oniwa moves from ministry of industry and solid mineral resources to the ministry of commerce and cooperatives.

Ahmed Muhumamed Rifun was posted to the ministry of housing and urban development from the ministry of commerce and cooperatives, while Muideen Olaniyi Alalade, is now the commissioner for the energy ministry. Alalade held sway at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development before the cabinet reshuffle.

The commissioners at to commence work in their new ministries immediately.

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