Teenage Mother Arrested For Killing Baby

A 16-year-old girl, Alaya Dotson, from Colorado, has been arrested by the police, for killing her newborn baby after she forced a stone down the infant’s throat.

Police said the suspect committed the crime an hour after giving birth.

Dotson told the police she was not aware that she was pregnant and realized she was giving birth while using the bathroom in September.

The Police also said the teenager told them the baby was not crying after she delivered her. She wrapped her in a blanket and went outside where she allegedly forced a stone into her throat.

Dotson’s mother called the police when she found the 16-year-old outside with “a lot of blood on her shirt” and on the blanket that the infant was wrapped in.

The baby was taken to the hospital, where a one-inch rock was removed from her throat. Police say the baby died the following day.

However, Dotson, allegedly told police she suffocated the newborn.

She has been charged with murder and will be tried as an adult.


Ashaolu Oluwafemi


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