Atiku Meets With Fayose, Knocks Buhari


Atiku Abubakar, a former Nigeria’s vice president, on Wednesday, met with Ekiti Governor Ayodele Fayose in Ado-Ekiti. Atiku while responding to a question on the letter written by former President Olusegun Obsanjo-who he served as vice president-said the ruling APC handling of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The letter was a personal issue between two individuals, so I won’t like to comment on it,” he said.

“However, the letter confirmed that the APC government under Buhari has failed Nigerians,” Atiku said.

On his mission to Ekiti, Atiku said, “Since my return home to PDP this is the first state I am visiting for consultations with party leaders”.

“This is not surprising as Fayose and I had struck a good relationship since his first tenure as governor and I was VP. He is blunt and straightforward, a sharpshooter in politics and I respect him for that this.

“But above all, he is also the chairman of our governors forum. Today, among the governors, among the party generally, he calls the shots and when he does so, we all take the queue.”

He praised Gov. Fayose for his achievements, noting that he had his footprints all over the state capital.

“Another unique thing the governor has done is telling me that his deputy is being supported as the party candidate in the next election, this is a very rare feat in the democratic system of our country,” he said.

“How many deputy governors have succeeded their governors? It means he has foresight and wants someone to continue his good works.”

Responding, Fayose described Atiku’s ambition as legitimate and a welcome development.”

“Vice President Atiku has not spoken to me privately about his ambition, and maybe he would do that in our private meeting”.

Following Atiku’s comment, Governor Fayose also took a swipe at President Buhari, one of whose bitter critics he has become.

“I will never stop being against him. I was not too young when Buhari came first time and we knew the hell he took us through,” he said.

“At his first time, he was putting people in jail and he was not in charge, it was ldiagbon that was in charge. The man is dark in the mind.

“Now the message has come from Obasanjo, who was Buhari’s greatest promoter and navigator, telling him to go home. The end has come for the APC, our suppressors and oppressors. You can only rule a country as diverse as Nigeria if you are truly a leader.

“I can tame herdsmen effectively. Tell everyone, if you vote APC, second and final sufferings is what you are inviting,” said Fayose.

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