I Didn’t Say I Would Run For Presidency In 2019 – Tunde Bakare   

Tunde Bakare, the senior pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly and former running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2011 presidential poll, has debunked claims that he would contest the presidency in 2019. Bakare made the clarification in a state of the nation speech he delivered at his Lagos-based church on Sunday, January 14.
"Nowhere in that declaration did I mention running for election. It is, however, not surprising that politicians and the politically-minded have interpreted it as such", the clergyman said.
Bakare said he had been misconstrued by those who thought his political declaration meant he would stand in next year election.
According to him, "I did say that, while waiting on God, the Spirit of God said to me: 'Politics is not over for you. There is still one thing left for you to do: Run for President…I will work it out Myself and make it happen in due course'.
He further said: "The declaration was not a presidential campaign announcement; it was an invitation to prayers sent out to fellow labourers initiated in our corporate destiny as nation builders; To the uninitiated, that declaration was news, but to my partners in destiny, to whom indeed the request for prayers was extended, my journey and trajectory in the call to nation building is well known".
Bakare however said God had chosen him to lead Nigeria and "To this end was I born, and for this purpose I came into the world: To lead Nigeria into her prophetic destiny.” It will happen in due course, in God’s way, and in God’s time"
Moreover, he called for restructuring of the country.
"I called for restructuring when others were clamouring for elections. Three years later, the majority that was wrong has become the minority, and the minority that was right is becoming the majority, even as restructuring has become the buzzword in our nation," he said.

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