Nigeria Doesn’t Need Buhari In 2019 – Dele Momodu


Dele Momodu, the publisher of Ovation Magazine, has expressed a displeasure for President Muhammadu Buhari’s alleged bid to run for a second term of office in 2019. Momodu opined Buhari would be “too tired” to run the country at the time, adding “Nigeria needs a man with full stamina”.

“I don’t know what he is enjoying in power again; God has done everything for him. He will be at least 76 years by next year; at that age, I believe he would be too tired to run a nation as complex and as complicated as Nigeria. Right now, Nigeria needs a man with full stamina”, said Momodu in an interview he granted PUNCH.

The journalist advised Buhari to resist pressure for him to re-contest and rather work to choose a worthy successor.

Furthermore, Momodu said he believed “the next President must be very well exposed, educated and communicate in the language of today”.

“That is why I said that the best legacy the President can give us is for him to search for a worthy successor; even though, it is his right to contest for a second term, but it is not every right that you must claim. Even if people are pushing you, you should know that they are pushing you because of their own selfish interest”.

Speaking of the president’s persona, Momodu said: “I like the President; I’ve met him a couple of times, he is a likeable character and very jovial. But every time I leave him and on return to where I come from, what I see in newspapers and television is always different”.

“I don’t know why he does not care about his image and what people say about him; if I were Buhari, I would be very worried because these things are recorded in history.

“If you say you don’t care, you have to also worry about your family. You have a family and you should leave a good name for them. If people are abusing you and you know the abuses are ill-conceived, then I expect you to do something about it. He needs to do something about his image. I think he must be a nightmare for his handlers,” he said.

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