ANC Asks Zuma To Quit


South African media have claimed the country’s ruling African National Congress, ANC, has formally asked President Jacob Zuma to resign. Zuma has vowed to stay, saying he was still popular with the people. The National

Executive Committee of the ANC, the highest organ in the party, met on Monday to take a decision on Zuma’s future.

The British Broadcasting Corporation in its report said senior officials of the ANC squealed to it that Zuma had been advised to stand down.

Moreover, the report said the ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule delivered a letter to Zuma, informing him of the party's decision to "recall" him.

It is unclear how Zuma responded, and his office has not yet commented. Zuma’s deputy Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to step in as president after the former’s exit. Ramaphosa was elected leader of the ANC last December, a position that guarantees his succeeding Zuma, whose presidency has been dogged by corruption allegations.

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