Why Kwankwaso Is Fighting Me – Ganduje




Abdullahi Ganduje, the governor of Kano, North-West Nigeria, has put down the quarrel between him and his predecessor, former governor, now, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso to the latter wanting to dictate to him on governance.

“The attempt by somebody who had left office to decide what happened in the state”, he said.

“Well, as you know we were very good friends. In fact my politics cannot be complete without Kwankwaso and the history of Kwankwaso politics cannot be complete without me.

“But somewhere somehow things went wrong. But we believe in politics, you will get to a point you cannot rule and manage a state and then you are being controlled from outside, you know that one is very very difficult to happen if you look at the psychology of leaders,” the governor added.

Ganduje and Kwankwaso have been having a battle shortly after the former succeeded the latter, whose deputy governor he was for eight years.


  • Ashaolu Oluwafemi

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