Sex Dominates Valentine’s Day Wishes



Some Nigerians have declared their intentions to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a pleasurable one as they plan to have sex with their partners.

Speaking with on the importance of the annually celebrated event, majority of the people said although Valentine’s Day is about showing love and affection to loved ones, sex is usually the most interesting part of the day.

Obi Elijah, a passerby said she hopes to satisfy her husband by making him a sumptuous meal before spending quality time in the bedroom.

“I will make him dinner, prepare his bath and satisfy him in bed because he has always been good to me and my children. So he deserves to be loved,” she said.

A market woman, Ibekwe, said she will spend the whole day with her partner even if it means closing down her shop. She said: “We will go out first, enjoy a delicious meal, dance and play around before ending it all in the bedroom.”

Another market woman, identified only as Nkechi said: “We will enjoy ourselves like newly weds. We will have fun together and engage in good sex.”

Kingsley Uche, a passerby said he intends to surprise his girlfriend at her place of work. He added that he will treat her to an enjoyable outing before taking her home with him.

A passenger, Joshua Bobade, who was with his wife on a bus said: “Firstly I will kiss and hug her before giving her a nice gift. The rest will add up.”

Also, Rita Chibuzor, a buyer said she will go to see a movie with her partner at the cinema.

Charles Ogboru, a writer said: “Valentine is a day to show love and best way to do that is to buy her flowers.”



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