Woman Dismembers Lover Who Died During Sex


A young woman has been arrested on suspicion of murdering and dismembering her boyfriend with whom she ‘practised occultism and BDSM.’ BDSM is a variety of sex practices or role-playing involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics.

Anastasia Onegina, 21, confessed to dismembering Dmitry Sinkevich, 24, but insists that she did not kill him. She claims that she found his dead body and, afraid that she would be accused of murder, decided to cut up his corpse.

Police reportedly suspect that Sinkevich, a former policeman and conscript soldier in the Russian Army, died during a sex game. Neighbours told local media that the couple were fans of occultism and BDSM, and that his social media pages included Satanist images. They were apparently known in the neighbourhood because they ‘made a lot of noise’, reports claimed.

Sinkevich’s dismembered corpse was found by Onegina’s sister, who then called the police. Forensic tests are now being carried out to determine how he died. His final photo posted online shows him and Onegina taking her dog for a walk on Sunday morning, at 7.50am. He died and was dismembered later the same day.


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