Dangotes Wedding: Why I Flew In Biggest Hollywood Stylist Designer

Jeremiah Ogbodo, celebrity fashion stylist and designer, has implied his payment for styling Aliko Dangotes son-in-law, Captain Jamil Abubakar, along with his grooms men alarmingly fattened his bank account. Jamil, a pilot and son of former Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Abubakar, was wedded to Dangotes daughter, Fatima, last week in a superlative ceremony that had the trappings of power, affluence and panache. Ogbodo short of revealing the actual figure said the fee paid to him was so hefty that it enabled him fly in the biggest Hollywood stylist for the job. He however didnt disclose who the foreign stylist was. Ogbodo, who goes by the name @swankyjerry1 wrote on Instagram: If I say how much I was paid on this job now people will say I’m bragging…… but hey it was my pleasure ……#famil2018NOTE THAT I WAS PAID MORE THAN ENOUGH TO FLY IN THE BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD STYLIST SO MUCH MORE ? MUCH MORE. However, rumour has it that Ogbodo is a closeted gay man as is the new husband, Jamil. About the time Jamil and Fatima had their traditional solemnization in Kano, a gay activist, Bisi Alimi alleged the then groom and his best man were an item.
Bisi Alimi’s tweet
There is a marriage happening right now somewhere in #Nigeria, with a lot of money invested in it, where the best man is the grooms boyfriend, said Alimi in a tweet on March 17.   Ogbodo is known to have worked on some notables in government and the entertainment industry such as former President Goodluck Jonathan, Davido, Dbanj, Caroline Danjuma and Juliet Ibrahim, among others.  

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