How 5 Girls Died – Freed Dapchi Student


One of the freed Dapchi schoolgirls has revealed how five of her colleagues died. As at the last count, 101 of kidnapped girls regained freedom on Wednesday.

The BBC said it obtained a transcript of a phone conversation between one of the freed Dapchi schoolgirls and a relative.

The girl revealed the militants held them in an "enclosed" place, which was so hidden "even a plane could not see us".

She says five girls died on the day they were kidnapped as they were put in overcrowded vehicles after " they were sat on".

But when asked if the militants had done anything bad while in captivity, she answers "by God they didn’t do anything to us".

She suggests they were relatively well-treated by their captors.

Male relativeWere they giving you good food?

Girl:They were giving us. We were the ones cooking the food.

Male relative: You were the ones cooking the food yourselves?

Girl: Yes, by God.

She also tells how they were treated leading up to their release early on Wednesday:

Girl:We entered vehicle peacefully when we were coming back.

Male relativeAll of you entered vehicles peacefully, when you were coming back?


The schoolgirls reportedly arrived at the town in several vehicles.

At the time of the call, the girl said she was being taken to hospital.

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