85-Year-Old Patient Dies Waiting In Overcrowded Hospital


An elderly man thought to be suffering from a heart-related ailment reportedly died while waiting to be attended to at a hospital. The 85-year-old man had visited the accident and emergency unit of the Northampton general hospital, U.K, said the Guardian. A blood test was done on him minutes after he arrived the health facility and was seen sunk in a chair, waiting to be called upon. However, that didn’t happen. Rather his condition deteriorated, after which he suffered a cardiac arrest that led to his death.

The revelation was contained in a leaked internal email, says the British newspaper.

The hospital NHS trust’s medical director, Matthew Metcalfe, said in the email that the patient complained of abdominal pain.

Metcalfe’s email said: “Last night a patient died due entirely to the dangerous overcrowding of the department. The risk we have all been aware of, but may have felt hypothetical, has just happened.”

The trust said in a statement said, “Ideally this patient would not have waited so long, would have been reviewed sooner by a senior consultant and might have been in a hospital bed on a ward at the time of his deterioration.”

The report said the hospital had witnessed an upsurge of patients visiting its A&E unit - an average of 400 patients a day.

The trust said it apologised to the man’s family and would carry out a full investigation “to ensure any learning from this sad incident is taken forward”.

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