Amputee Football League To Begin In Nigeria

Sulaiman Isah, President of the Nigeria Amputee Football Federation, has disclosed plans to begin Amputee Football League in the country. Isah told newsmen in Minna that the Federation had already set up a committee to reach out to the Nigeria Football Federation on how to fashion out the amputee league so that it will takeoff smoothly.
“By so doing the amputee league in the country will start on a very sound footing,” Isah further said. The President said very soon the Federation would offset its outstanding affiliation fees to the international body adding that affiliation fee that had been outstanding for five years has made it impossible for the country to participate in amputee international competitions. “We are owing huge sums of money for the five years and all things being equal we should be able to pay the debt next week “It is a pity that this money was not paid for a very long time and our players have been training without going for competition”. Isah expressed optimism that the country national team, the Special Eagles should be able to participate in the World Amputee Football World Cup taking place in Mexico in October this year.

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