Buhari’s Police Details, Force Authorities Clash Over Unpaid Allowances


Some policemen detailed to provide security cover for President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigeria Police authorities have clashed over the former’s claim that they are being owed their allowances since 2015. The aggrieved policemen in their dozens reportedly forwarded a petition to the president complaining they were yet to be paid their Risk Caution Allowances since their posting to the presidency in 2015.

PUNCH said aside the said mobile policemen’s grievance – 53 of them - another 127 policemen said they only received partial payment of their allowances.

The report quoted an anonymous mobile policeman, saying names were attached to the petition to prove their sincerity. “The authorities in the Villa should invite those persons and find out from them. We believe that the President is not aware of this delay”, said the police source.

In the petition, the writers told the president that “Those behind this delay are some of the superior officers like the Squadron, the Principal Staff Officer and the leader of the Presidential Vehicle Movement”.

“The excuse given by the superior officers was that the affected policemen were boys to the former Squadron leader, one SP Mau’su.

“These superiors have started transferring these affected policemen out of the Villa to some states and replacing them with their own boys, who did not suffer and were not there to bear what the policemen went through.

“We are pleading with our father and President, Muhammadu Buhari, to look into these sufferings from the beginning of his government till date,” the petition allegedly said.

However, Moshood Jimoh, spokesperson for the Nigeria Police, denied the aggrieved officers were owed their entitlements.

Moshood said, “The emoluments contain the salaries and allowances. Outside that, there is also insurance coverage provided by the Force and the Federal Government.

“This set of people you talk about have not complained to the Force headquarters. We don’t have such complaints. The police are not aware of any risk allowance being owed anyone,” he said.

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