Chrisland School Rape Victim Recounts Ordeal


A 2-year-old pupil (name withheld) of Chrisland School, Lekki, Lagos, who was allegedly raped by the School’s supervisor, Adegboyega Adenekan, 47, in November 2016, has narrated her experience.

“He puts his wee wee (penis) in my wee wee (vagina) and it really really pained me. I screamed, but he covered my mouth. The more I try to remove his hand, the tighter it gets,” the victim said while being cross examined by the prosecutor, B.T. Boye, before the Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court on Thursday.

The minor added that Adenekan lured her into the toilet in his office, where she was allegedly raped. “The second time was in the hall, which was outside,” the eloquent victim said.

When asked if she knew the defendant, who stood in the dock, the victim said "No", a response that brought temporary relief to the defence team led by Olatunde Olajuyigbe (SAN).

The victim was only able to identify the defendant's photograph, which could not be admitted as evidence following a robust argument by Olajuyigbe, who referenced some sections of the law.

At the time the minor was brought into the courtroom, she looked jaunty and coordinated as her lordship, Justice Sybil Nwaka descended from her high seat to the open court and sat directly in front of the victim.

The victim eventually dozed after being cross examination by B.T. Boye. She was subsequently woken by her tearful mother for Olajuyigbe to cross examine.

Olajuyigbe began by asking the victim who she reported the incident to after Adenekan allegedly abuse her. "I tried to report to my teacher but my teacher did not listen, so I reported to my mummy," the minor replied.

“What did he (Adenekan) do to you? Olajuyigbe queried further.

"He puts his wee wee (manhood) in my wee wee (vagina)," the victim responded, touching her private part.

Asked if she had entered the defendant’s office before, the victim said, “Only when he did that thing.”

“When I told my mum what happened, she changed my school,” the victim added.

The minor told the court that she cannot remember the amount of tables in the office of the defendant, when asked by Olajuyigbe.

At the last adjournment date, February 12, a video of the victim drawing the manhood of Adenekan was played before the court. Olajuyigbe then asked if drawing was her hobby.

She said, “Yes. But I don’t know how to draw yet”.

After the cross examination session, Justice Nwaka commended the victim for being eloquent. She jokingly asked her what she would like to become in future. “I want to be everything in the world,” the victim responded.

The court proceeding lasted till 6pm. Justice Nwaka was willing to continue with the proceeding until the court technician came to ask her to rise due to shortage of fuel.

The case was adjourned till May 21, 2018 for continuation of trial.

Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011 prescribes a life sentence for the offence of defilement of a child.

 Raphael Adenaike

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