Civil Servants To Ekweremadu: We Will Resist Military Coup


Despite his explaining that he hadn't in reality called for a military intervention but giving admonition on protecting Nigeria's democracy, Deputy President of Senate Ike Ekweremadu has continued to get the bashing. The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria at the weekend deplored the alleged statement and vowed to resist any military putsch.

Bala Kaigama and Bashir Lawal, ASCSN president and Secretary-General respectively said that any military takeover in the country would take the country 50 years backward.

“It is common knowledge that since the military toppled the democratically elected government of Sir Tafawa Balewa in 1966, suspended the 1963 Federal Constitution and imposed a unitary system of government, the country’s growth has been stunted,” the statement read in part.

“We are also aware that all democracies in the world including that of the United States of America, Canada, Europe, etc, are not perfect but are still evolving and being improved upon.

“The shortcomings being experienced in building democratic institutions in Nigeria were not peculiar and that with time, some of the flaws would be rectified.

“Thus, under no circumstances should individuals, no matter how highly placed, should begin to hint of military takeover of government in Nigeria.This is because most of the social dislocations we experience today, such as corruption, deterioration of power supply, collapse of railway, basterdization of the education system, destruction of the Civil Service, etc, were exacerbated by military dictators.”

Senator Ekweremadu had said during a debate on the floor of the senate that “The problem in Nigeria is that our democracy is receding. Who says army cannot take over? Let us not joke with our democracy, that is the issue”.

The Nigerian Army responded to the senator’s statement, denying any plan to takeover power. The army urged Nigerians to ignore the senator.

Fola Ademosu


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