Dino Melaye Shrugs Off Appeal Court Ruling


Embattled Kogi senator, Dino Melaye has said he was unruffled by an Appeal Court judgement, which okayed that the process of his recall. The court in a unanimous ruling threw away Melaye’s appeal against an earlier Federal High Court judgement backing the recall process.

Melaye in his response to the Friday ruling said the “judgement … is nothing to be bothered about”. The self-styled champion of ‘truth’ sounded biblical, saying “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death yet I fear no evil”. He urged his supporters to be “relaxed”.

“We are Appealing the judgement immediately, ” said Sen. Melaye.

Prior to the latest ruling, Sen. Melaye had dragged the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to court in his bid to stop the recall process. He had claimed signatories on the recall record were fake. Ruling, the court ordered the INEC to let Sen. Melaye verify the signatures. INEC in obedience to the ruling hauled troves of documents to the senator’s office at the National Assembly but met a brickwall. The senator later said he would not accept the documents because the period prescribed by law for the recall process had lapsed.

“The 90 days period as provided for in the Constitution for conducting the referendum after our verification, elapsed on Sept. 23, 2017,” said Sen. Melaye at the time.


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