Ethiopian Soldiers Mistakenly Kill Nine Civilians


Ethiopian soldiers have reportedly killed nine civilians and injured 12 others after mistaking them for rebels near a town along the country’s border with Kenya.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, the soldiers were deployed to the Moyale area of the country’s Oromiya region. They were said to be after Oromo Liberation Front fighters, a secessionist group which the government branded as terrorist.

The group had crossed into Ethiopia from three locations.

“Nine civilians were killed and 12 others were injured during an operation that was launched with faulty intelligence,” members of the armed forces told the agency.

Report says several soldiers have been suspended and are under investigation adding that a high-level military delegation had been dispatched to the area to launch an inquiry. gathered that the killing occurred at a time when outbreaks of violence have continued to plague the country, mostly in Oromiya.



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