Group Plans To Block Third Mainland Bridge Over Land Use Charge


Some aggrieved residents of Lagos are planning to embark on a protest on the Third Mainland Bridge, the police have said. Chike Oti, superintendent of police and spokesman for the Lagos Police Command, said this in a statement on Sunday.

Oti said the police heard the news that “a  group of persons under the sponsorship of  some mischief makers, and who are  masquerading as civil rights activists intends to block the Third Mainland Bridge and  occupy some critical public infrastructures in Lagos to protest the increase in the Land Use Charge by the government of Lagos state”.

The statement further said that “any attempt by any individual or group of persons to cause a breach of the  peace or infringe on the rights of others to pursue their daily aspirations would be met with stiff resistance”.

“As it stands, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State has not received a single  application from any group wishing to carry out protest in any part of the state. It is therefore advised that these individuals wanting to protest government decision should consult with the police as it was the case with the Nigeria Bar Association before they carried out their very peaceful  protest for which the police provided the needed security and ensured it was not hijacked by hoodlums”. The police vowed that “it would not allow any group of protesters to compromise the peace in Lagos State in whatever guise”.

“Any group of persons that feel strongly against any policies of the government should explore the judiciary option instead of endangering the public peace.”

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