I’m Hungry For Action, LA Galaxy’s Ibrahimovic Says


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who on Friday signed a deal with MLS outfit LA Galaxy on Friday said he is hungry to play football and will be ready to play for the American club next week.

Manchester United in a surprise move agreed to terminate Ibrahimovic’s  contract early, to enable him make the Galaxy move.

The 36-year-old, a prolific goal scorer for PSG,  has only been involved in seven games with United this season after picking up a knee injury last year April and has admitted that lack of playing time was a key factor behind his early move to the US.

The Swede suggested that he is fit enough to make his debut for LA Galaxy against rivals Los Angeles FC on March 31.

‘I feel good,’ he said.

‘I’m training very hard. I haven’t played games in a while and that is what I miss now. I need to play games to get that rhythm.

‘The more I play, the better it will be. I’m just excited and looking forward to the games.’ He added.

Metro newspaper in London reported him saying, ‘I decided to sign with Galaxy because I think it’s the right place for me,’ he told the club’s official website.

‘I have a lot to give, I can help them a lot, and they are the best team in the US.

‘There were no doubts. I have a lot of expectations, I put pressure on myself, I demand a lot in my game.

‘I’m just looking forward to playing, I need to play.

‘I’m like a little child who you give candy to for the first time and he’s looking for the candy all the time.

‘That is what I need. I need to play and I want to play.

‘I’m hungry to play because it’s gone too long now, I haven’t felt involved in the game and I need to feel involved. Because this is what I’ve been doing all my life.’

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