Increased Land Use Charge Just One Of 300 Tax Laws – Ambode

Akinwunmi Ambode, the governor of Lagos, has indicated the controversial revised Land Use Charge is just one of 300 tax items in the state. The governor said he is upbeat the controversy the law has generated would be resolved through dialogue with stakeholders.

“Out of the 300 tax items in the state, only the Land Use Charge and one other law was reviewed upward, and that the development was targeted at fast-tracking development and protecting the future of the state,” said the governor in a statement issued on  Monday.

He said the State Government would come out with a positive position to ameliorate the issues raised by stakeholders on the new Land Use Charge Law in the next one week, saying the increment was all in a bid to protect the future and create permanent prosperity for the State.

“Just the way that you would have observed, we held a session with the business community last week on Lagos Means Business and one of the topical issues that were raised was about the Land Use Charge and during that session, I did say that the State Government was opened to dialogue. Ever since that Tuesday, we have been consulting people and we have also been trying to explain the basis of this Land Use Charge Law,” the governor was quoted as saying.

“Yes, people might like that infrastructural development is on the progressive chart in Lagos but also it comes with a price. But notwithstanding in the middle of all that, a responsive government will listen to the yearnings of her people.

“So, obviously when I say I want dialogue, I really mean it and I am ready to respond to that. In the last one week, we have been meeting different groups; we have been talking and we have been making people to understand also and I think by the end of this week, we should be able to come out with something positive that actually ameliorate the issues being raised by concerned stakeholders,” he said.


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