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Easter – a period marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ – has over the years created a dispute  among some Christian denominations, specifically the Jehovah Witnesses, JW. The JW claimed the festivity is not biblical.

JW said: “The Easter holiday celebration is not based on the Bible. Jesus commanded that we commemorate his death, not his resurrection”. The JW cited Luke 22:19, 20 to buttress their point.

They also traced the origin of Easter to an English monk, Venerable Bede who lived in the 8th Century. According to Wikipedia, Bede worked in the monastery of St. Peter and its companion monastery of St. Paul in contemporary Tyne and Wear, England.

He was regarded as one of the greatest teachers and writers of the early Middle Ages.

Venerable Bede wrote in his 8th-century writing, Reckoning of Time, about Germain goddess Eostre, from whom the JW and some early Christian scholars claimed Easter took its name. Venerable Bede had claimed that pagans held feasts in goddess Ēostre's honour in the month of April. He went on to say the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus had taken over the feast to the goddess.

However, some later writers argued that the goddess was Bede’s invention.

The New Testament, which came long after Venerable Bede, lived claims that the resurrection of Jesus, which Easter celebrates is a cornerstone of the Christian faith.

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