Kaduna Gov Hosts Fulani Leaders, Sues For Peace


Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state, on Wednesday admonished Fulani leaders to embrace peace in the state.

The governor, who hosted Fulani chiefs from the 32 emirates and chiefdoms in the state, said the meeting was part of government engagements with communities.

El-Rafai said this in a statement issued by his spokesman, Samuel Aruwan.

“We called this meeting because we need to deepen peace in our state. Peace is important and it is something we cannot compromise,” he said.

“We will continue to work assiduously for the security and peace of our communities. Everyone must reject violence because it is a destructive tool that tears communities apart and retards all human development.”

The governor charged the Fulani leaders to ensure that their communities embrace education.

“There is no society that will progress without education. With sound education, we can train people to reject hate, shun criminality, overcome poverty and promote harmony,” he said.

The governor said human development is one of the priorities of the state government, adding that his government  would continue to work towards building sound education.

Also, Priscilla Ankut, deputy chairperson of the Kaduna State Peace Commission, said the focus of the commission is to work towards amicable resolution of conflict in the state by way of mediation and consultative engagements.

She appealed for the cooperation of the Ardos as the commission continues its engagements with traditional, religious and community leaders for sustainable peace in Kaduna state.

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