Muslim Group Tackles Boko Haram Over Dapchi Christian Captive


The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has tackled the Islamic terror group Boko Haram of holding on to the only Christian student among the Dapchi schoolgirls freed on Wednesday.

Lira Sharibu, the Christian girl, was reportedly held back because she refused to denounce her faith.

In a statement on Thursday, Ishaq Akintola, director of the group, said the basis for holding Sharibu back is “faulty and unIslamic”.

Akintola said the decision of the sect to keep Sharibu captive was a move to divide Nigeria along religious lines.

“We reject Boko Haram as an Islamic group. We urge the leadership and members of the group to re-examine its ideological base,” the statement read.

“Leah Sherubu must be set free because the basis for holding her after setting her schoolmates free is faulty and unIslamic. We charge (FG) to go back to the negotiation table in order to secure the release of the only Christian girl among the Dapchi girls who is being held back by the insurgents.

“FG should note that Boko Haram is not as daft as many people think. By withholding the Christian girl, they seek to divide Nigerians once again along religious lines.”

The group commended Sharibu’s courage for refusing to bow to pressure in violation of her fundamental human right.

“Our hearts are heavy with grief over her plight. We salute her courage. Shame on Boko Haram for oppressing a lone, vulnerable and helpless girl. Shame on all those who suppress freedom of worship,” the statement read.

“We appeal to Nigerians to invoke special prayers in the mosques and churches for this Christian girl who had the courage to stare her oppressors in the face. We should also continue to pray for the remaining Chibok girls.”

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