NBBF Crisis: FIBA To Deliver Verdict Wednesday


The International Basketball Federation, FIBA, will make known its final position Wednesday on the lingering leadership crisis rocking the sport in Nigeria.

The world body had in February sent a three-man delegation to Nigeria, comprising Alphonse Bile, FIBA Executive Director, Africa; Lubomir Kotleba, Special Adviser to Secretary-General and Fode Amara, Competition Commission member, to meet with all parties involved in the tussle, including the Nigerian Olympic Committee, NOC.

Bile, who headed the delegation, had said at the conclusion of their investigation:

“I want to plead that Nigerians should be patient and await the decision of FIBA at the next central board meeting on March 10, 2017. I assure that FIBA would take a decision in the best interest of all the parties involved in the dispute.”

Musa Kida, NBBF’s factional president, who spoke to Brilafm on Tuesday ahead of the verdict, said his camp would not pre-empt FIBA’s judgment. He noted that it was important that the NOC is allowed to wade in and chart the way forward.

“You know we and FIBA are partners, there can never be a problem between us. My interest is that we should settle issues, that are the most important thing. FIBA said the crisis should be resolved internally, so FIBA and NOC should discuss at that level,” he said.

Similarly, Olumide Oyedeji, vice president of the Tijani Umar-led faction, said it was unfortunate how the game had degenerated administratively in the country.

In a letter sent by FIBA earlier this year, the body had said it would only relate with the Musa Kida faction for the sake of the game in Nigeria. It however further stated that the decision does not mean it recognized Kida as the legitimate president of the federation.

  Ashaolu Oluwafemi

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