Nigerian Threatens To Commit Suicide In Italy

A Nigerian immigrant in Italy has threatened to kill himself if he is not given a house and €50 per day by the Italian government. The unidentified man, who created a scene by climbing a parked bus, addressed crowd who gathered around him on things he considered appropriate to be provided for blacks living in Italy. Peggy Curtis, a Facebook user posted the video of the incident online and it has since gathered several reactions. According to Curtis, the Nigerian migrant obviously from the Yoruba tribe has demanded for a house and 50 Euros per day from the Italian government says ‘Emi ma para mi’, meaning ‘I Will Kill Myself’. The young man acting strange and threatening to kill himself at the process garnered the attention of the public, as they all gathered asking him to get down from the vehicle. Some Italian police officers came to the scene trying to appease the migrant to get down from the bus and not to harm himself. Some passerby’s in their comment had said the guy has ran mad while others mentioned that he is probably on some dr*gs or substance that has induced his actions. After several hours of the young man gaining attention from the public and mentioning his dissatisfaction on how the government treats black migrant unjustly, the police were able to use a ladder to get him to the ground.
 Though he resisted and almost embarked on a fight with some of the policemen, he was handcuffed and forcefully brought down from the bus.
Watch the video below…

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