Nollywood Actor, Susan Peters Disgraced Over Debt


Susan Peters, an award-winning Nigerian actor, was shamed by a makeup artist, who alleged she owed her some money. The makeup artiste, who goes by the name ‘Tonia_X’ on Instagram, said she resorted to publicly shaming the actor after sending her series of Instagram Direct Messages, demanding her money. She claimed Peters replied she would pay at her “convenient time” and even accused her of being “rude”.
Tonia_X said: “I’m the wrongest person to do this to, me being quiet and calm and smiling with clients is because of respect. Once you owe me, you lose that respect, now I understand why people call their ex makeup artists rude,”.
The vexed makeup artiste also posted a response Peters gave a fan who sought to confirm the veracity of the story.
In the other post believed to be Peter’s response, the actor alleged she was being blackmailed for publicity sake.
“I’m sending this message just to be polite, I’m not owing her anything…… she’s not my only makeup artist, she wants to use me for publicity, God will judge her,” Peters allegedly said.
Susan Peters, aside acting, is also a model, interior designer and beauty salon owner. She had won various laurels for her acting prowess including the Afro Hollywood Best Actress (English) Award 2011 for her role in Bursting Out, Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards, NAFCA and North Carolina Nigerian Oscars: Best Actress in Supporting Role 2011.

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