How Pro-Jonathan Israeli ‘Fixers’ Tried To Stop Buhari In 2015


It has emerged that Israelis backing the re-election of Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 tried to stop Muhammadu Buhari from winning the presidential election.

Multiple sources told British newspaper, the Guardian, that a Nigerian oil billionaire desperate to win the election for Jonathan hired the SCL – the parent company of Cambridge Analytica to do some dirty jobs targeted at stopping Buhari. The billionaire feared a Buhari win would jeopardize their continued access to the country’s lucrative oil wealth. He was ready to splurge $2million to the anti-Buhari project.

In the middle of the SCL engagement by the billionaire, some Israelis reportedly flew in to meet the team in a London apartment. They were hackers who had dug up Buhari’s financial and medical records. The Guardian said the SCL team were freaked out by the hacked documents and had warned their other team members camped in Nigeria of potential risk should the opposition found out they were in the country.

However, CSL denied it fetched hacked documents on Buhari, but admitted working for Jonathan.

The company said it merely carried out “advertising and marketing services in support of the Goodluck Jonathan campaign.

The Observer, one of the titles of the Guardian, said it obtained an astonishing and disturbing video that Cambridge Analytica used in the campaign to dissuade voters from voting Buhari.

The video had employed the tricks of a horror movie and was meant to scare voters. The Guardian painted how the smear video looked like. It said: "A voice-over from the video says: “Coming to Nigeria on February 15th, 2015, Dark. Scary. And very uncertain. Sharia for all.” And then it poses the question: “What would Nigeria look like if sharia were imposed by Buhari?”

"Its answer to that question is certainly dark. And scary. It’s also graphically, brutally, violent. One minute and 19 seconds of archive news footage from Nigeria’s troubled past set to a horror movie soundtrack.

"There are scenes of people being macheted to death. Their legs hacked off. Their skulls caved in.

"If Buhari wins, the film warns: women would wear the veil. Sharia law would be introduced. And the inference is, you may be macheted to death."

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