Tinubu’s Associate, President Alpha Conde Faces Unrest


Guinean President Alpha Conde, who is close associate of former Lagos governor Bola Tinubu, currently faces unrest as the country’s capital, Conarky erupted in protests on Monday.

According to AFP, the protests were called by the main opposition party - Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea - in the country. The protest is against February's disputed local election.

Youths erected roadblocks and set fire to tyres in an expression of anger against President Alpha Conde.

The march coincided with growing calls for authorities to reopen schools following a teachers' strike on 12 February.

AFP reports that several hundred demonstrators gathered outside the presidential palace, chanting anti-Conde slogans and demanding an end to the school strike.

"How can we accept the silence and contempt of the president when our children have been at home for a month?" a woman is quoted as saying.

Protests erupted after local elections on 4 February, which were won by the ruling the Rally for the Guinean People.

The elections were the country's first at a local level since 2005.

AFP reports that around 12 people have died in the unrest, some of whom were shot dead by police.

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